Dus ka dum with salman khan: pinky shah won the heart of ‘being human’.


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Dus ka dum season 3 : Salman khan clams down Dus Ka Dum contestant. Being human is known to have a big heart & his fans and well-wishers would vouch for that. He is known to be the enfant terrible of bollywood. If he has spoiled a few careers, he also made stars out of ordinary people.

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Pinky shah is the contestant on Dus ka Dum, a salesgirl from Kolkata, West Bengal, a huge fan of sikandar(salman khan), broke down after winning just Rs 20,000. She lost the game to a 52-year-old businessman from mumbai, maharashtra.

Pinky shah after making three incorrect guesses, salman informed her that she would not be able to play the next round, but still has a chance to answer the remaining two questions, and winning 40,000. At the point, she started sobbing, to the extent that she had to be taken to the relatives sitting amongst the audiences.

Once she gained back her composure, salman like a hero carried her back to the stage in her arms, and asked what made her cry. The contestant (pinky shah) then spoke at the length about her financial condition that how her husband sold off his shop after making huge losses and how she wanted to win a big amount in the show so that she can invest in her child’s education.

Salman khan humanity in Dus ka dum

Recently while shooting for his show Dus Ka Dum, season 3, the actor promised to sponsor the education of one of the contestants on the show when she broke down after winning just Rs 20,000. Don’t worry about her kid’s education and that salman khan would sponsor it. world indian news The moment was definitely priceless as the pinky shah’s kid sitting among the audiences also shed tears of joy. Three cheers to this ‘Being Human’ side!


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